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  Save Zombie Boy!

DALLAS – Harvey Award-nominated Zombie Boy is in need of help to fight a trademark dispute. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the creation of Zombie Boy, a character Mark Stokes has featured in comic books and as the lead in an online comic strip since 2010. He successfully Kickstarted a book collection of these comic strips, Zombie Boy Vol. 1: Some Kind of Horrible.


In 2013, in an attempt to file for a trademark for “Zombie Boy” he was informed that a company was already in the process of applying for the “Zombie Boy” trademark in four goods and services classes. The trademark applicant has recently filed a Notice of Publication, the final stage before they are granted the trademark, and Stokes has filed an extension of time to oppose. He must enter his Opposition and pay the fees by April 1, 2017. Otherwise, it could jeopardize any print, merchandise or media he may want to produce using the Zombie Boy name.  


“Making a living as an artist is a wonderful thing, providing me with food on my table and a roof over my head. But it doesn’t help much when something like this comes along.” says Stokes, “I’d like to be able to continue what I started 30 years ago and keep producing Zombie Boy online and in print. So I’m asking for help.”


A “Save Zombie Boy” campaign has been created to help raise funds to hire an attorney and pay the legal fees to oppose the pending trademark. You can find more information here:




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