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  ComicConnect: Event Auction – Bid Now

“2016 was ComicConnect’s biggest year ever and I would like to offer every collector, investor, and consignor, my heartfelt thank you,” Vincent Zurzolo waxed lyrical. “To quote one of my favorite BTO songs “B-b-b-baby, you just ain't seen n-n-nothin' yet!” as ComicConnect bidders will be faced with truly jaw-dropping choices in our 2017 auctions and it all starts with Event Auction XXX.” 

The auction end-dates are as follows:
Session 1 (Original Art, Action - Amazing Spider-Man #44) March 20, 2017 at 7PM EDT
Session 2 (Amazing Spider-Man #45 - Daredevil #30) March 21, 2017 at 7PM EDT
Session 3 (Daredevil #31 - Incredible Hulk #181) March 22, 2017 at 7PM EDT
Session 4 (Incredible Hulk #271 - Strange Tales #77) March 23, 2017 at 7PM EDT
Session 5 (Strange Tales #81 - Zip Comics #38) March 24, 2017 at 7PM EDT

The Hope Collection makes its debut in Event Auction XXX. With over 125 comics, the collection features Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC 9.0Fantastic Four #5 CGC 8.5Incredible Hulk #1 CGC 6.0Journey into Mystery #83 CGC 8.0Tales to Astonish #27 CGC 7.5Tales to Astonish #35 CGC 7.0, and much more. 

Golden Age Can’t Miss Comics

Adventure Comics #40 CGC 7.0 RAll American Comics #16 CGC 3.5All Star Comics #3 CGC 6.5Batman #1 CGC 7.5 RCaptain America Comics #1 CGC 8.0Captain America Comics #1 CGC 8.5 RDaredevil Comics #1 (Battles Hitler) CGC 9.2Detective Comics #1 CGC 3.5Detective Comics #29 CGC 3.0Detective Comics # 38 CGC 3.0Jungle Comics #1 CGC 9.6 Church CopyMore Fun Comics #55 CGC 9.4More Fun Comics #59 CGC 9.6 Church CopyMore Fun Comics #73 CGC 6.0Superman #1 CGC 1.0Thrill Comics #1 CGC 9.0 Ashcan CopyWeird Fantasy #13 CGC 9.8, and Whiz Comics #1 CGC 7.5 R

Silver Age Most Wanted

Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC 5.0Amazing Spider-Man #14 CGC 9.6Avengers #1 CGC 9.0Avengers #57 CGC 9.8Daredevil #2 CGC 9.8,  Fantastic Four #1 CGC 8.0

Frank Miller’s cover to Marvel Team-Up #99, featuring Spidey and Machine Man, is just one of the many highlights. Bat-fans will thrill to find not only the Marshall Rogers cover to DC Special Series #15 but also the 30-page interior cover story Hang the Batman by Mike Nasser and Joe Rubinstein. Amazed collectors will jump at the Alex Ross Kingdom Come pages as well as a George Perez Wonder Woman page. Also, a 1937 Lil’ Abner strip by Al Capp is a treat in addition to the dozens of strip art lots available. Bidders will find covers, splashes, and interiors from artists such as John RomitaBernie WrightsonDon HeckJackson Guice, and Mark Bagley. Visit ComicConnect for the entire auction


ComicConnect is accepting consignments for their next major auction. Contact them today to reserve space as it is quite limited. Call toll-free 1.888.779.7377 or e-mail their staff at Cash advances up to $5 million are available.




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