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   Welcome To GPA for CGC Comics

GPA for CGC Comics is the world's first analysis and reporting service for online auction and dealer comic book sales. Reporting on thousands of certified comic book sales daily, GPA is the only service that offers the level of depth and analysis required in today's fast-moving comic book market.

Built around powerful Web 2.0 technology, GPA offers detailed sales information, trend analysis, instant graphing and online portfolio software so you can manage your collection and get up to the minute valuations. You can even link to CGC census data directly from GPA and see certification numbers of individual sales!

 GPA reports on:
 Total Individual Transactions: 2,548,361 
 Total Transaction Value: US$703 Million 

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"GPA has become a resource that is imperative for all collectors and dealers of CGC comics"
Mark Haspel
Consultant, CGC Comics


Every month GPA brings subscribers eleven concise market reports summarizing the previous month's action, including progressive reports over the past 12 months. Indispensable in today's fast moving marketplace.

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The Comic Book Collecting Association (CBCA) is composed of comic book collectors and dealers with a common goal: promote fellowship, education and ethics within the comic book collecting community.

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Live auctions from participating auction houses means you'll see live links to comics straight from our analysis pages. Looking up what a Hulk 181 is worth? We'll also show you who's got one up for auction!

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