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   GPA - An indispensable tool !

If you're a comic book collector or dealer, you'll find GPA for Comics an indispensable tool. By tracking, recording, and averaging all online auction results, GPA does the work for you, saving you time and money.

Simply choose a title and issue number, and GPA will provide you with prior CGC certified auction results from online venues, as well as the average price for each book in each grade. Want to know what a Fantastic Four #25 in 9.0 has been trading for? GPA can tell you. Want to know how much you can safely pay for an Amazing Spider-Man #129 in 9.4 condition? Piece of cake.

   GPA - Detailed sales data and analysis :

GPA shows you the sales data others can't. From actual prices for individual comic books, sales trends, multiple charts, and price movements, to variant, pedigree and signature series details. CGC certification numbers (where available) are also included together with restoration or important grading information.

GPA will also note books that have been relisted or where a sale has fallen through. Invaluable market data to help you in your buying and selling decisions. You can also search specifically by Pedigree name, a first for the comic book industry!

Together with individual sales analysis, GPA delivers Market Reports, monthly & progressive (12 month) reports, from Pedigree sales data and price variants, to high-grade summaries and high-volume titles. GPA Market Reports deliver an industry overview of comic books sales every month.

GPA is updated daily, with the addition of thousands of new sales data each week, giving you an unprecedented level of information - we don't guess or estimate, we report on actual prices realized!

   GPA My Comics - online management of your collection :

GPA 2.0 introduces My Comics, a powerful portfolio manager and comic book watchlist to help you track, value and insure your collection and books of interest.

Simple one-click action helps you add an unlimited number of issue/grades directly from GPA analysis grids into your permanent online watchlist. Keep track of books you're looking to purchase, add books you own and let GPA value your books based on 90-day averages. As GPA trends move, your collection is instantly revalued!

GPA My Comics assists in hassle free management of your comic book collection; track, value and analyze from one convenient location.

   GPA - Main features :
View individual sales data spanning 18 years
View average prices and year to year movements for each grade
View sales and volume charts and identify trends
Drill down to individual transactions, access CGC cert numbers and link to CGC census data
Save frequently accessed titles to your personal list
Search specifically for titles with Pedigree sales data
Access GPA Market Reports every month
Link directly to live auctions from participating dealers and auction houses
GPA My Comics - use it to access often analyzed issues/grades and run an online portfolio to instantly value your collection!
just $9.92 per month
(charged annually at $119)
or $10.95 per month



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Hobby leaders talk GPA
"GPA has become a resource that is imperative for all collectors and dealers of CGC comics. With the release of GPA 2.0, the first significant redesign, GPA as become easier to use and further assures its place amongst the most important resources available online in the comic book hobby"
Mark Haspel
CGC Comics
"The data GPA provides on current sales and the state of the market is an invaluable resource for dealers and collectors alike. GPA has provided the collecting community with an incredible service that our company has referenced time and time again"
Vincent Zurzolo
Metropolis Collectibles
"GPA has proved to be an indispensable tool in comic book investing, as much as CGC. It’s the essential road map to successful trading in our burgeoning market"
Matt Nelson
CGC Comics
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