Using My Comics to track/manage books

Using My Comics to track often searched books and to value your collection.

Clicking on the star icon on any row in the main analysis pages results in adding that specific grade into your My Comics section.

Once added you'll see the title in your My Comics section (under My Dashboard). Every book you add is grouped under its title. Once you start adding your purchases against each title, you'll see "Cost of Books" and "Current Portfolio Valuation" totals. Each title's count, cost and valuation is also represented.

Clicking on a title will show you all the unique issues and grades you've added from the main analysis pages. Here you can simply use this section to quickly lookup prices on books you often search, including expanding out a row to see additional charts and individual transactions.

Clicking on the "Add My Purchase" icon allows you to add your own books you've purchased. GPA will give you a valuation based on a 30-Day Average, failing that, the 90-Day Average, and failing that the most recent sale in our system. If you feel the price should be higher due to additional information on the book you own, you can click the circular arrow and "force" a price in the system. If the GPA valuation ever goes higher than this forced price, then we'll show that instead. The forced price can be removed by clicking the circular arrow and submitting a 0 price.

At the bottom of all the issues, you'll see a cost and valuation for all the entries you've added.