Two CGC-3.0 graded copies of Amazing Fantasy #15 sell for drastically different amounts


Two CGC-graded copies of Amazing Fantasy #15, both graded 3.0, sold for drastically different amounts in Heritage Auctions’ recent weekly internet auction. Collectors zeroed in on obvious nuances described during the grading process and proves once again how important details matter when grading two seemingly identical books

The first copy was graded GD/VG 3.0 with off-white pages and sold for $13,200. CGC’s census shows there are 229 copies graded 3.0 as of Sept. 19. 

The second copy sold for nearly half that amount, after it was graded Apparent GD/VG 3.0 Off-white to white pages. However, the top edge of the cover had been trimmed at some point, which meant collectors were only willing to pay $7,200. The price was lower than Overstreet’s 2019 grade value for a 2.0 copy, which is $8,650.

It just goes to show that collectors are way more discerning and that the best of every grade is practically guaranteed to bring top dollar.

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