Hake's Offers First Appearance of The Flash

The current Hake’s auction goes online February 18th at Hakes.com and closes March 11-12. The auction includes hundreds of CGC-certified comic books as well as thousands of other items.

A highlight of the auction is the first appearance of The Flash (Barry Allen), in Showcase #4, which bears a high CGC 8.0 grade, noteworthy as of the nearly 500 copies graded by CGC, there are only 12 copies that have been graded higher. Not only notable as the first appearance of the Silver Age Flash, this issue is regarded by many as the official start of the Silver Age of comics, which saw Julie Schwartz’s revitalization of the superhero genre with revamped versions of not only The Flash, but also Green Lantern, The Atom, Hawkman and others.

This historic issue is joined by nearly 300 other CGC-graded books including key issues, notable first appearances, pedigree copies and CGC Signature Series books as well over a thousand non-certified issues from all eras. The auction also includes a vast array of comic book memorabilia and collectibles. There’s sure to be something for every collector!

Visit Hake's website for more information and be sure to check Hake’s Facebook page for other CGC-graded comic books and much more!