ComicConnect Marketplace Report: Venus #19 Record Sale


Venus, the Most Beautiful Girl in the World, first hit newsstands in August 1948 with early covers that featured a slew of handsome gentlemen fighting to win the titular heroine’s heart. By issue #11, the cover literally depicted “The End of the World!” in an apocalyptic masterpiece. The series came to an end with issue #19 adorned with one of the greatest Bill Everett covers ever crafted. “It’s no secret that Bill Everett is one of my favorite artists and Venus #19 is one of my favorite comics,” Vincent Zurzolo, co-owner of ComicConnect, explained. “It should be in the dictionary next to the definition of classic cover!”

The comic displays the gruesome tableau of a bride at the altar with her husband’s skin flipping back like a Pez dispenser revealing his true skeletal form. ComicConnect sold a copy of Venus #19 CGC 8.5 for a record price of $52,500 in their comic book marketplace. “It was a true pleasure to put the buyer and seller together - they both walked away overjoyed,” Zurzolo added. “I’m extremely proud to have been a part of the highest sale price ever recorded for a Venus #19. Stay tuned for more great news for the hobby!”

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ComicConnect is currently accepting consignments for their next big auction. Consignors are eligible to receive interest-free, no-fee cash advances towards the sale of their collection. The deadline for consignments is April 22, 2021. Call or email ComicConnect’s Director of Consignments, Rob Reynolds, at [email protected], or (Toll-Free) 888-779-7377 for immediate assistance.

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