Pedigree Comics' A-May-Zing Spider-Man Auction Underway, Ending Over 2 nights Beginning on Wednesday, May 12th

Pedigree Comics' A-May-Zing Spider-Man Auction is Underway debuting a brand new near-complete run of Amazing Spider-Man in 9.8/9.6 CGC certified condition! The auction began on the night of Monday, May 3rd and lasts for ten (10) days until the night of Thursday, May 13th as a separate event on the Pedigree Comics website ( The first half of lots (Amazing Spider-Man #17 9.6 Pacific Coast through Amazing Spider-Man #362 9.8) ends beginning at 8:35 PM EST on Wednesday night, May 12th and the second half of lots (Amazing Spider-Man #363 9.8 through Giant-Size Spider-Man #5 9.8) ends beginning at 8:35 PM EST on Thursday night, May 13th. There is no Buyers Premium on any of the lots in the auction and EVERY lot is listed without a reserve. Every book is CGC graded and the minimum bid is only $20 for this Spider-Man exclusive auction. You can view and bid on all the Amazing Spider-Man issues (including Amazing Spider-Man Annual and Giant-Size Spider-Man) in the Auction Listing right now. Just go to the Pedigree Comics website and click on the Auction banner.

The brand new Amazing Spider-Man collection (called the Southern Mass. Collection) contains almost 700 issues between #17 and #616 plus Annuals 2,3 and 5-19 and Giant-Size Spider-Man #'s 1-5 and MOST of the issues are in CGC graded 9.8 (Near-Mint/Mint) condition. The issues between #17 and #51 are mostly 9.6 with a few 9.8's and a couple of 9.4's while issues #52 through #616 are ALL in 9.8 save for a handful in 9.6!!

This is without a doubt the nicest, largest and highest certified group of Amazing Spider-Mans ever offered for sale or auction and EVERY book is being offered without a reserve and only a $20.00 minimum bid! Most of the books are the highest certified copy to date and there are a number of pedigreed copies in the collection.

The collection comes out of Southern Massachusetts from a high grade collector and Spider-Man enthusiast who consolidated his other Marvel runs and raw books into one of the very best Amazing Spider-Man runs in the world. Here is his story:

He began collecting comics as a kid and bought only Marvels, mostly Amazing Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk, Avengers, Fantastic Four and X-Men. In the late 90's and early 2000's and with the advent of the internet he started buying many Amazing Spider-Man issues off ebay as well as conventions and built up a nice raw collection. He met many dealers and other collectors at conventions and would make deals with the collectors, trading off his other books for as many issues of Spider-Man he could get. When CGC opened in late 1999, he slowly began sending his Spider-Man books for certification. By the mid 2000's he had a complete run of Amazing Spider-Man #50 through #200, mostly in 9.6. He wanted only the best of the best so he slowly began buying higher graded copies and replaced his 9.4's and 9.6's with 9.6's and 9.8's. He bought off of mostly every dealer, auction house and also off of ebay, and continued going to conventions to find upgrades. He did have issues #5 through #16 at one point, all in 9.4 or 9.6, but sold those and decided to keep the collection beginning at #17, one of his favorite all-time Spider-Man issues. This unreal collection took almost 20 years to put together and he decided now was the right time to sell.

Since he bought many of his 9.8's from Pedigree Comics and had a great relationship with Mr. Schmell, he contacted him on Sunday, March 7th with the idea of selling the entire collection and after a series of negotiations a purchase price of $425,000 was agreed upon on March 9th.

As for the books in the collection and his collecting tastes, most of the comics have white pages with the rest off-white to white and only a few (3) with off-white. He would not buy any books with cream to off-white or lower page quality. Almost EVERY issue from #200 through #616 (save for a handful) has white pages! Similarly, all the Giant-Size issues and most of the Annuals have white pages. He did not like imperfect staples so every one of his books has perfect staples and staple placement, with no books having staples appearing on the front cover. He also did not like stress lines so practically every single comic in the collection has absolutely no stress lines! He was very picky about eye appeal and centering so most of the books have exact registration and an unread look, including many of the early issues. He loved pedigrees and would buy and upgrade to a pedigreed copy whenever he could and thus the collection contains many gorgeous original owner books, starting with the Pacific Coast copy of Amazing Spider-Man #17 (in 9.6).

All 695 issues are featured in the A-May-Zing Spider-Man Auction with no reserve amount. There are many great issues and iconic covers in the run and almost every book is the highest certified copy to date. This is the chance to upgrade your own Amazing Spider-Man collection or Registry Set with some of the absolute nicest issues of Amazing Spider-Man ever offered for sale. Here are some of the highlights of the Southern Mass. Collection:

Amazing Spider-Man 17 9.6 (Pacific Coast)
Amazing Spider-Man 18 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 20 9.8 (Curator)
Amazing Spider-Man 23 9.6
Amazing Spider-Man 25 9.6 (Suscha News)
Amazing Spider-Man 27 9.8 (Pacific Coast)
Amazing Spider-Man 29 9.6 (Pacific Coast)
Amazing Spider-Man 31 9.6
Amazing Spider-Man 35 9.6 (Pacific Coast)
Amazing Spider-Man 37 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 39 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 40 9.6
Amazing Spider-Man 41 9.6 (Boston)
Amazing Spider-Man 44 9.6
Amazing Spider-Man 46 9.6 (Twin Cities)
Amazing Spider-Man 50 9.4
Amazing Spider-Man 51 9.6
Amazing Spider-Man 54 9.8 (Northland)
Amazing Spider-Man 55 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 60 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 63 9.6
Amazing Spider-Man 72 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 77 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 78 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 89 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 90 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 100 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 101 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 102 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 121 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 122 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 124 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 129 9.6
Amazing Spider-Man 135 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 194 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 210 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 238 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 252 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 300 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man 316 9.8
Amazing Spider-Man Annual 2 9.6
Amazing Spider-Man Annual 3 9.8 (Rocky Mountain)
Giant-Size Spider-Man 4 9.8

If you have any questions or comments about the A-May-Zing Spider-Man Auction, please contact Pedigree Comics CEO and President, Doug Schmell at (561) 422-1120 (office) or (561) 596-9111 (cell) or at [email protected]. For any financial related and consignment payment questions, please contact their CFO, Lisa Shapiro, at [email protected] and for any technical related questions or concerns, please contact their Web Master at [email protected].

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