Comic book dealer & consignment sites

Check out online auction houses and dealers we work with, connect with premier sites around the web and buy/sell CGC comics. Many of the following data providers also list their books in GPA's Live Listings for easy lookup and linking.

Dealer & consignment sites

  • Bedo's Comics & Collectibles

    Bedo's Comics & Collectibles offers investment quality and bargain comic books, comic art, and collectible toys. When we launched our online store in early 2021, a first-class consumer experience was our principal aim. To this end, the store provides easy-to-use search and navigation, runs well on desktop and mobile and accepts all major payment methods plus cryptocurrency. All orders are shipped within 24 hours of payment. Happy hunting!

  • Comicana Direct

    Focusing mainly on American back issue comics and a new release subscription service, Comicana Direct aims to be the UK's premier online comic retailer, matching depth of stock with the strictest grading and highest standards of customer service.

  • DTA Collectibles

    DTA Collectibles is the online destination for collectors of comics, pulps, and beyond. David T. Alexander operated The American Comic Book Company in Los Angeles until his move to Florida in 1989 where he founded DTA Collectibles as a mail-order collectibles business.

  • Empire Collectibles

    Empire Collectibles is your one stop shop for back-issue comics, Board Games, Collectible Card Games, Comic and Pulp Magazines.

  • Esquire Comics

    Esquire Comics is intended to be a unique comic book business that caters to a very specific crowd of collectors/investors. "The bottom line is that I want my customers happy so that you return and return for more transactions, whether they be purchases, sales or trades, so that at the end of the day we can all spend time looking at the beautiful books in our collections!"

  • Heritage Auctions Comic Market

    Heritage Auctions is the largest collectibles auctioneer and third largest auction house in the world, as well as the largest auction house founded in the U.S. "We are also the undisputed Internet leader in our field, with more than 1 million online bidder-members registered on"

  • The Hidden Hideout

    The Hidden Hideout are Phoenix, AZ based company that sells comics and smoke shop related items.

  • International Comic Exchange

    Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada ICE offers a global marketplace where comic owners can consign and sell their own professionally graded comics, and buyers have the ease of purchasing from an incorporated company with no risk.

  • Metropolis Collectibles

    Metropolis Collectibles is the one-stop online shop for comic collectors of all stripes, young or old, noob or veteran, Metropolis has you covered. Boasting an inventory of hundreds of thousands of comics, there are tons of rarities, keys, and first appearances from the Golden Age to the Modern Age at a variety of grades and price points that will make any comic fan smile. Come take a look at their stock, which encompasses comic art and memorabilia as well as the entire history of the American art form known as the comic book.

  • My Comic Shop

    "We’ve been selling comics since 1961 (our first sale: Fantastic Four #1 at $0.25". In June of 1977, Lone Star Comics opened its first retail store in Arlington, Texas. They began selling on the internet in 1997 and the rest is history!

  • Paradise Comics

    Paradise is your source for everything comic books! New books, older books, graded books, variants, trades... "we have everything, and then some. We cater to all collectors, from the newest readers, to serious investors."

  • Pedigree Comics

    Owner Doug Schmell has come to be recognised as one of the leading collectors of Marvel Silver and Bronze age comics, with many of his books being the highest graded copies in existence. Pedigree specialises in ultra high grade, CGC certified, Marvel Silver, Bronze and Copper age comics and magazines.

  • Reece's Rare Comics

    Reece's Rare Comics mission is to acquire world class material and to treat their customers with the utmost respect. "We continue to be on the forefront of providing an exceptional customer experience with an online inventory that rivals anyone in the industry."

  • Quality Comix

  • Tasteecat Comics

    Tasteecat Comics is a comic book store based in Portland, OR, owned and run by its founder Ken Dyber. The company can be found exhibiting at comic book shows around the country, such as: San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Baltimore, NY, Chicago & LA to name some.

  • Timeless Icons

    "We know what its like to be collectors and In fact, we're collectors ourselves. To us, this isn't just a business...It's a commitment to our clients to provide the best possible experience when conducting business with us. "

  • Vintage Collectables

    Vintage Collectables have auctioned some of the choicest collector's items ever to hit the block, as well as assisted in many successful auctions conducted by other enterprises. Buy from their website or consign.

  • WorldWide Comics

    Stephen Ritter launched WorldWide Comics in 2008. "The long term plan of this business is to provide a massive selection of comics for all classes of collectors. Whether they collect Gold, Silver or Bronze, high grade or low grade, CGC or raw, we will have it all."