New CGC Insider Grading Video


CGC is excited to share the newest addition to our CGC Insider series: Grading Comic Books, No. 1. In this video, CGC’s primary grader, Matt Nelson, walks viewers through the grading steps of The Incredible Hulk #181 (1974) comic book.

“Over the past decade, I’ve screened books for hundreds of collectors at conventions across the country, and people have asked me many great questions about the CGC grading process,” said Nelson. “I think this video series is a huge step towards transparency and providing valuable information to the entire collecting community, which is especially important now, given the significant number of new collectors entering the market every day.”

The CGC Insider series covering comic book grading has only just begun. In the coming months, CGC plans to share a variety of grading-themed videos with the comic book collecting community. 

“We want to support and provide resources to the community that supports CGC,” commented Harshen Patel, CGC Director of Operations. “With our CGC Insider series, we will provide meaningful insights to collectors by pulling back the curtain on the CGC grading process.”

As the CGC Insider series continues to grow, viewers can watch all of the videos on the CGC YouTube channel. To find out when new videos launch, follow us on CGC FacebookInstagramTwitter or LinkedIn social channels.

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